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PlayStation 4 Dust Cover

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Venture Games


Dust Cover


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"The inside of the cover has a double layer of soft internal lining specifically made to protect your device from scratches. It is made to be hand washable and was specifically developed for the PS4 Slim, Fat, Pro. Protect your console from liquids, UV rays, dust, and pet hair. A precision cut, simple access cable port is provided without having to take out the back cords which makes it Simple and Easy to place and remove.

1. Impeccably Fit: This residue cover is intended for the PS4 (Horizontal position), which is viable for the PS4 console.

2. Large capacity: The cover can safeguard your control center from scratches and can store host accessories

3. Defensive Cover: Protect your console from dust, scratches, bumps, and splashing.

4. Precision Cut: Precise cutting gives simple admittance to the link port without removing cables. Simple to place and remove.

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